Wednesday, July 22, 2009

OMAR OMAR remix 1 (original from upcoming CD --- pOPPy Flower rhythmic music---

this post is special because it is my project or should I say new project. La bruha la negra has morphed a new twin which is LA BRUHA DESI LA, a name for my computer works. I am quite excited about this as the first CD is close to completion. It will be 10 tracks and quite intense. My hope is that people can listen to it from start to finish and here that there is a sonic story. No words but there is something there. There is no label at this time but I hope that people will listen to DESI LA's myspace which is below and also download the free track (not on the CD), made especially for the internet. This track is free free free. Please pass it around and give it to others. If you like it, support it and spread it. The CD itself will not be free so please enjoy this tidbit. 


---- this is a remix of  an album track called omar omar.  PLEASE DOWNLOAD:)

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE - live in tokyo

I have collected a lot of animal collective live material but this concert which I recorded in Tokyo stands as the best in my eyes. One only need to compare this to recent shows in new york which were like greatest hits packages. Quite uninspiring. This is  a gem so please enjoy it.

GROUND ZERO - 1998 (otomo yoshihide)

otomo yoshihide, the noise musician extradonaire is approaching or already has turned 50. Hence this year is packed with Otomo events and exhibitions throughout tokyo and of course other parts of japan. Just to think that Otomo, noise musician has become a fixture of society would have been unthinkable over 10 years ago. Of course ground zero, his main band at that time (1998) had achieved a certain amount of fame per se and toured through europe and america. since then partly due to dedication, connections, musical variation, etc. he has achieved the type of noteriety that many wish they had. Like his contemporary, Otomo has a zillion musicians at his disposal to achieve various projects and he also NHK support to make one of his cash cows, soundtracks. Otomo originally started working internationally producing the phenominal soundtrack for THE BLUE KITE. This was a chinese film and at that time, he was very concerned with collaborating with other asian musicians. Those times died after ground zero's dissolvement but luckily have become once again important with his recent ASIAN MEETINGS. 
Otomo's new jazz orchestra is by far (outside of his soundtracks), his most famous and lucrative pursuit (it does help to have star KAHIMI KARII in the band) but in my heart, this band has the power to send you to jazz god but also drive you to the door. The first 2 times I saw the band, I was enthralled. The last time which was last year, was absolutely horrible. The room was totally packed with adoring fans but the only thing I wanted to do was leave. Otomo's music spoke to me in the past and I bought EVERYTHING with his name on it no matter how shitty. After coming to japan however with his change in music toward silence, though I still support him, there are often several concerts where I ask, what the hell are you doing? 
Otomo's greatest gift is not as a guitarist which is his most often used instrument recently but his arrangement and people skills. Trust me, if I played my guitar with feedback for an hour, not one person would come to see me. When Otomo does not touch a conventional instrument, his true powers arise. This past year, Otomo provided the live solo soundtrack to an experimental movie. The movie was shit but the soundtrack was heavenly!! It is only these times when I can remember why I love him. So here is a treasure to celebrate the good from the bad. I don't believe in telling a musician that everything they do is good. Criticism is sometimes necessary. Regardless, though to my knowledge this CD is not in print, it is one of the most important CD's he has ever produced. Sorry for it being separated. This is GROUND ZERO's last CD recorded live called :::::: GROUND ZERO - LAST CONCERT::::::

please note: if this CD is put into print again, this LINK will be terminated