Monday, February 15, 2010

LIVE!! - la bruha la negra@seco bar/ shibuya , japan - 10/25/07

finally. something live and fresh. for archives sake, here is a complete performance of LA BRUHA LA NEGRA in shibuya, japan from a place called the seco bar. they decided by the intervention of a trusted associate to take one of their usually mind- numbing dance nights and give it over to a more eclectic night. i fear saying "experimental" cause it was never their intention. for the first time in my career at that point, i actually played to a room of people. about over 30 if i remember. of course they weren't there to see me. regardless they did and kindly suffered through it. i was thrilled. the ceiling of this underground place was high and had a lot of metal venting which thanks to me rattled incredibly violently. don't think you can pick it up in the video but it's worth a try. i'm sure some were scared. by the way, the VJ work in the back of me is NOT mine. the colors i kinda liked but the fuckin drawing was by an idiot. she's also a highly requested popular idiot in the tokyo VJ scene so take that as it is.
this video was kindly taken by a dear friend that is no longer a dear friend. i miss him but anyway that's another story. enjoy and please post comments