Tuesday, June 23, 2009

EYE magic (EXHIBITION!!2009) and BOREDOMS rumours and tremorss

here is in celebration of EYE's recent exhibition now on display until july 12. Being held in NADIFF/MAGIC ROOM in Ebisu tokyo, there is the basement floor which houses EYE's painted on jackets of various kinds as well as an unreleased CD remix. Once the exhibition is over, I will be posting my own purchases from there. It's a very fun atmosphere. EYE's other work with MAGIC ROOM is definitely his best yet and two photos below from the NADIFF website show some of his words. I didn't take pics myself but if I get a chance to, I will. 
As well there are many interesting BOREDOMS photos on the net so I thought I would also post some of them as the boredoms are getting set for several special concerts. First up is the LUNAR ECLIPSE show which will take place on a boat near okinawa I believe. Yes, the VOORDOMS on a boat BUT it is incredibly expensive and only those who are not affected by the recession can go I think. It is actually much cheaper for me to go to the following NYC show of BOADRUM on sept 9th. There seem to be other shows around the same time by the boredems at ATP?? and a university but I can only confirm the NYC show as definite. 

--please note that the following photos were NOT taken by me. The majority of photos on this site ARE though mine.


been waiting a while to get my hands on these pics but finally I got's. Here is kleptomaniac who kindly put in a fantastic performance at my gallery show in koenji this past may right before I went on. the pics be blurred but the intent is clear. 

Sunday, June 7, 2009

nEW YORK LIFE 2009 - now in the city of my birth #3 - AFROBEAT FESTIVAL #1

the knitting factory in SOHO kicked off a kickass festival unfortunately slightly unpromoted but still with great intention. I'm not sure is NYker's are tired of afrobeat signs but regardless if they can shake their ass they shouldn't be. Cause straight up all of the indie shit permeating through brooklyn does stink to high heaven and a little soul or a shake never hurt a soul. Though the festival started on JUNE 2nd (i was unable to attend), some of the more forceful acts were not in attendence: them being ANTIBALAS and AKOYA. Both amazing groups in their own right. I actually received a flyer promoting Antibalas AFTER!! the festival. AnyWAY..... the one night i was able to attend was the last night properly ended with FEMI KUTI. Here he is.