Friday, December 24, 2010


the band is coming together for a 6 person extravaganza. only 3 days till the performance. can't wait. here's a bitty sample of our kinesis!!

merry rasta christmas

Sunday, December 12, 2010


without I, they went ahead groovin along. cool a beat.


it's blog time again and luckily some good things to say away from the bad things of the past month. finally joined a band and playing in kichijoji on dec 27th @ club seata I believe. never been there. don't know how we are gonna finally end up image wise but this was a good start. this is one of 2 videos. unfortunately due to time, i was only in one.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Aung San Suu Kyi released!! Finally!!

I don't need to write much else. Let's just feel happy for the moment.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

la bruha vision - netzine 0 - the hands of creativity (FREE PDF DOWNLOAD)

Various difficulties delayed the finalized product but finally with some respite, the first netzine (zero) has been finished. YIPPEE! with that in mind, some explanation. producing a physical mag despite the strong wish is quite expensive and risky. however i still hope to produce and distribute my graphic design, painting and photography and share with everyone who will take time to look. my first physical creation was ignored so here is the next.

copy the link and look away! (actually toward it:) )

official speak:

i have created the first in a series of ZINES from my own work on graphic design and photography. take a look, enjoy and pass around like a martini. copy the link and look away! (actually toward it:) )

Thursday, November 4, 2010

gay NYC

the tea partiers may party and other conservatives may be dancing at the stoppage and clogging of political time. however the people keep moving on. thank you my love NYC!! ----- these are recent posters posted in subways to get out the word that blacks and latinos are gay and lez as well.

Monday, August 30, 2010


this is one of japan's best kept secrets. see, american hip hop has gone
to the shit hole enveloped with it's own posturing with what they
deem rap or not, black or not. the money done come too good. that
makes mothers way too lazy for their own good and they definitely are,
can I say----- conservative!!!!??? here is KILLER BONG with his main
group THINK TANK. this is rap people. the shit you've been waiting for.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

mutamassik - also back/ also out of hiding

recorded (for whatever reason) in a cave I believe, this truly non-cave-like music definitely deserves a wider audience that it deserves. this is downright free but one has to argue whether even free stuff is being listened to. since mutamassik left the states for europe, she basically ---------disappeared!! as did her music. now we are getting what we have always wanted but her isolation from the media may kill this album before it can even start to live. please download and respect the music. Her new Cd - that which death cannot destroy comes with artwork but i must confess, it doesn't match the music in anyway, shape or form so this post has her photo instead.

download is from site below. it's a zip and free so no worries. go for it.

FAYE WONG / GODFLESH / SWANS - gods among men-2010 comeback tours

it first started at the beginning of the year with SWANS totally out of the blue getting together. Yet, that rolling ball hasn't stopped at all. Just this week I found 2 more reunions of GODFLESH (a big influence on me years back) and the love of my life, FAYE WONG. She is also a big mental influence (with vocal lines in all my projects). All this year and all of them I can't go to. I will keep wishing. Let us celebrate all artists keeping the fire alive.

Friday, July 2, 2010

me + YUSUKE @ uplink factory, Tokyo - 2009??

horrible video but let's try to see

3rd work in the series - NEW PAINTING


when this CD came out, it hit my afro soul hard. the production was fucking cool and the vocals were psycho!!! - delic. i couldn't believe that this guy had been hiding from me and the music world for so long. i got to see him at the former YELLOW in azabu juban several years and now he is gone. it's sad. i hope that his strangeness will affect others and live on. to the RAMM- LLLL- ZZZZZZ!

Friday, May 28, 2010

SUN RA --rays of light from the COSMIC WAVE (remix)

this will only be up on this page for a short time so please listen up! - artwork by LA BRUHA LA NEGRA. this track is under
the name - LA BRUHA DESI LA

vivacous sphere child- girl by LA BRUHA LA NEGRA

new track for new CD for 2010. more coming soon. remember
playing in NYC in summer 2010.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


it's about time to get on the annual may galactic RA trip. the good folks at BLACK CLASSICAL have organized a fitting tribute to our black planetary leader. every year somewhere out there are tributes on radio, etc to sun ra and this time they have asked many to make something for a broadcast happening on may 30th through the site (black classical) so myself LA BRUHA DESI LA made the short but sweet --cosmic wave. please support them and listen to DESI LA as well as the many other great contributors. since it's near my b-day you can call it a RA _ LA day!!!

NEW WORK - drawings and paintings ==MAY 2010 - pt 1

new york == the drums of rain===

Monday, February 15, 2010

LIVE!! - la bruha la negra@seco bar/ shibuya , japan - 10/25/07

finally. something live and fresh. for archives sake, here is a complete performance of LA BRUHA LA NEGRA in shibuya, japan from a place called the seco bar. they decided by the intervention of a trusted associate to take one of their usually mind- numbing dance nights and give it over to a more eclectic night. i fear saying "experimental" cause it was never their intention. for the first time in my career at that point, i actually played to a room of people. about over 30 if i remember. of course they weren't there to see me. regardless they did and kindly suffered through it. i was thrilled. the ceiling of this underground place was high and had a lot of metal venting which thanks to me rattled incredibly violently. don't think you can pick it up in the video but it's worth a try. i'm sure some were scared. by the way, the VJ work in the back of me is NOT mine. the colors i kinda liked but the fuckin drawing was by an idiot. she's also a highly requested popular idiot in the tokyo VJ scene so take that as it is.
this video was kindly taken by a dear friend that is no longer a dear friend. i miss him but anyway that's another story. enjoy and please post comments

Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010 - the year of the desi la

finally a bit of cheer after a horrible start to the new year. though currently available only in japan, LA BRUHA DESI LA's first 2 CD's are now available through AMAZON.CO.JP and the ultra- cool hip hop shop WE NOD in ebisu TOKYO (please feel free to contact me for purchase).


for POPPY FLOWER RHYTHMIC MUSIC, please purchase through AMAZON.CO.JP

for A DUB MASTERPEACE, please feel free to drop by the store or order online through WWW.WENOD.COM.

     support the underground!! why? because we be underground and we need a bit of help up!

in due time, more stores and other carriers will be listed for purchasing. 
             IF YA WANNA LISTEN, please go to :