Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DONYALE LUNA - a troubled sprite

yes, i'm back and of course it has been too long but i'm gonna make up for it with a lot of good shit. so for the time being here are some of my preoccupations. glancing through a DAZED AND CONFUSED from a month or 2 ago, i saw some lovely pictures of a black woman. the pictures so dazzling i had to do more research on this woman. 
so now I know that she was an avant garde heroine as well as a body discarded to the 70's never to mature. though her politics are somewhat understandable in someways and offensive to black people in other ways, it was a the way then. except that for her, the idea of being multiracial and not black as it was defined then meant having to decide black or not. 
especially now but that was a different time and to be black was a clear curse or show of strength. some would say it is the same now but frankly it isn't. and that goes beyond just obama. 
having looked at as many pictures as I can, i can somewhat bet that she felt radical and in the fashion world that meant being around almost solely white americans and white europeans. that was the world then. she would be shaken now though. of course many of the major publications are still focused on white models,etc. still how long can that last. just the other night, mrs obama chose an indian american designer. as the numbers different from the "norm" grow in influence so the old mantle will fall. 

regardless of all that talk, it should be known that donyale was a soldier and she fought hard by creating.....she was one of the many black radicals of that time. though she is gone, the photos can still show us now what it also meant then.