Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the many CD covers of LA BRUHA LA NEGRA/ LA BRUHA DESI LA (part1))

here are the covers for the 2 works for this year. more on the way for next year(yeah!!). LA BRUHA DESI LA is my new project for this year. 2 covers per CD! for 2009 a total of 3 cds made. 

quezalandrali (2009)

poppy flower rhythmic music (2009)

a dub masterpeace (2009)

the many CD covers of LA BRUHA LA NEGRA/ LA BRUHA DESI LA (part2)


with a flash of the spirit...(2008)quezalandrali (2009)

i thought i would go take a look back in the past year since i've done a fair amount of work this year to unfortunately no fanfare. here are the CD covers for LA BRUHA LA NEGRA

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009's finale!!! --- Finally a bit of rest

for those not in the know, japan basically shuts down at the end of the year and just so that everyone can embrace and feel joyous of that fact, the days leading up to the end of the month and year are pure hell for most people with deadlines or myself numerous "obligations" to fulfill. sorry for no more detail. from the 29th though we can now rest our heads, relax and for the music minded, get down to a lot of good fucking concerts and dance nights. some i will attend and others just wish for. but here for tonight is the BLACKSMOKER crew giving up a big finale at CLUB ASIA in shibuya for the regular event EL NINO. it stands to be a killer. lookin forward to it though not lookin forward to comin home at the crack of dawn smelling like fuckin smoke.  

anyway other lovely tidbits are HAINO KEIJI's regular all night showdown at SHOWBOAT in koenji. afterwards for 2010. we go into spaceflight with none-other than JEFF MILLS......whoa!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Halloween 2009 - NYC parade before the horrid rain

it rained like a motherfucker once it turned dark but these are some of the best moments before twilight