Tuesday, February 24, 2009

in celebration of new BOREDOMS/ YOSHIMIO cds: BOREDOMS live 2004

the boredoms, an eternal force of nature with each new activity are quite porely documented. I am quite angry at the avant-gardes resistance to good documentation of their activities. I only wish I had been more aggressive about documentation when in the early 2000's the boredoms had a secondary group called 7vo7. In actuality, it was the boredoms with a different name but the same intensity. Fantastic music. To make up for this error, I later documented all of the concerts I went to as much as I could. Hence this gem. Done at the new liquid room in EBISU, TOKYO and starting with AEO and then moving on to the boredoms. It's a perfect companion to their DVD sunflandisco. For those familiar with this era of performance, pay special attention to the end, when they jam! the boredoms sometimes DO do encores of slightly different music so catch that. Be aware that the SUPERROOTS 9 live CD is in fact: INCOMPLETE as the boredoms went back on stage for a little more jamming and then segued into EYE doing a dj set. I was probably one of the few non-japanese in the audience. For note, that event was a huge venue on christmas especially rented by the boredoms. there was another room for a different DJ and it was not a concert but really an EVENT.  I do believe though that attendance was not high enough and they may have lost money. They haven't done such a ONLY boredoms concert since in tokyo. Since then venues such as the liquid room or festivals have been prefered. I do hope they do this again though. Please enjoy this classic. --check the comments. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
please also check out the great VOORDOMS article from www.sfbg.com/blogs/music/2008/03/post_16.html

Monday, February 9, 2009

quezalandrali - LA BRUHA LA NEGRA (recorded 2008

this is a special song. it hasn't found a CD home yet but when i'm ready, it'll be together with other songs as  a CD album/collection. As always this is live and only I. please download. please enjoy. 


LA BRUHA LA NEGRA works from 2008 - pt1

please enjoy my work!

a genius and his treasure - MYTH OF TOMORROW by Okamoto Taro

The history of this painting is quite amazing but I will let people discover the finer details of this by themselves. To put the history of this painting simply, Okamoto went to mexico to make this painting and it was given to a place or hotel(not sure about the specifics myself). Regardless it was scheduled to be put on display in mexico some time in the 60's I believe. From there the history gets strange for such a humongous painting as the actual painting got lost. Over 30 years later, Okamoto's wife went about trying to finally recover the painting. She did not do this alone but with the help of a great many others. Again whether she found it or it was found after her death I am not sure but it was found and it was found quite damaged and partially in pieces. Since then some of the best restorers of artwork helped put the piece back to together piece by piece and then sent it back to it's homeland, japan. 
      After hearing about this piece it was with great relief that I was finally able to see it in Tokyo over 1 year ago. 
    Let me explain 2 things. First who is okamomo? Okamoto Taro is actually one of the best artists in Japan and one of it's most famous but for some strange reason, quite unknown out side of japan. In the 60's, Okamoto had the friendship and adoration of Picasso (okamoto wrote a book about this relationship to Picasso) and was equally loved in japan. He already has TWO museums dedicated to him. Okamoto, for those who remember or have seen, is the man responsible for the monument made for the OSAKA WORLD FAIR in the 60's that opened Japan to the world and established japan as an equal country. 
     Second, MYTH OF TOMORROW (shinwa no ashita) is indeed a HUGE work. Most graffiti artists would drool to do something this big. The pic i've included is of only one or two panels. Altogether I believe there are maybe 10 panels. Though the scars can be seen, the work is awe-inspiring. The work originally shown only in a museum is now on display for free in SHIBUYA, one of the youth centers of Tokyo. I've visited this walking area many times so it was with great surprise that the owners of this space won the right to present the work. This is especially surprising as japan has much graffiti but most of it of course illegal and in unseen places. This massive work was of a visionary who deeply disliked the anti -art attitude which was and is still now common throughout the country. Though public sculptures can be found, actually paintings on a massive scale are rare. Though japan produces truly great art, the society is quite ANTI-ART. Art is not bought or seen on  a massive scale. The common idea of a mural though popular around the world and also in japan in the 60's has died a death only to be replayed by lawless graffiti that can also be replaced anytime by white paint. 
       Plainly speaking, the work is great and for any person who ever has the chance they should experience it.