Friday, April 29, 2011

DALAI LAMA in tokyo (gokokuji) - april 2011 (additional photos

DALAI LAMA in tokyo (gokokuji) - april 2011

to pray for the souls lost and in despair from the tsunami, the dalai lama payed a visit to the temple named gokokuji. being that we know not of how many years he may have left, I made all the effort to be there and catch a glimpse of him. he was wonderful. indeed. a very human living god if you will.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Africans in China: interesting new wave of immigration

Info concerning africans in asia has always been hard to come by as few wish to let it be known that there are indeed africans in asia! and if there are, the criminal minds of the few among the many are used to taint the reputations of the africans that are indeed succeeding and involving themselves in asian life. unlike japan where so many africans and indeed foreigners in general get by with only English and do little to engage with the population besides midnight intercourse, in china, this is quite hard as the society has not tried to be easier for foreigners. hence it is quite important to show from the start in china a will to survive and thrive.