Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010 - the year of the desi la

finally a bit of cheer after a horrible start to the new year. though currently available only in japan, LA BRUHA DESI LA's first 2 CD's are now available through AMAZON.CO.JP and the ultra- cool hip hop shop WE NOD in ebisu TOKYO (please feel free to contact me for purchase).


for POPPY FLOWER RHYTHMIC MUSIC, please purchase through AMAZON.CO.JP

for A DUB MASTERPEACE, please feel free to drop by the store or order online through WWW.WENOD.COM.

     support the underground!! why? because we be underground and we need a bit of help up!

in due time, more stores and other carriers will be listed for purchasing. 
             IF YA WANNA LISTEN, please go to :