Friday, May 28, 2010

SUN RA --rays of light from the COSMIC WAVE (remix)

this will only be up on this page for a short time so please listen up! - artwork by LA BRUHA LA NEGRA. this track is under
the name - LA BRUHA DESI LA

vivacous sphere child- girl by LA BRUHA LA NEGRA

new track for new CD for 2010. more coming soon. remember
playing in NYC in summer 2010.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


it's about time to get on the annual may galactic RA trip. the good folks at BLACK CLASSICAL have organized a fitting tribute to our black planetary leader. every year somewhere out there are tributes on radio, etc to sun ra and this time they have asked many to make something for a broadcast happening on may 30th through the site (black classical) so myself LA BRUHA DESI LA made the short but sweet --cosmic wave. please support them and listen to DESI LA as well as the many other great contributors. since it's near my b-day you can call it a RA _ LA day!!!

NEW WORK - drawings and paintings ==MAY 2010 - pt 1

new york == the drums of rain===