Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LA BRUHA DESI LA - POPPY FLOWER RHYTHMIC MUSIC - new project CD out and about so check it out

These are the 2 covers for the new CD - POPPY FLOWER RHYTHMIC PARTY (also called POPPY FLOWER RHTYHMIC MUSIC). I only spent at the most 5 months I guess about working on this but it's thick. only 2 or 3 songs are under 5 minutes. it became such a beast that it is now officially 2 cds. couldn't help it. Right now i'm in the process of trying to get this into some well known stores in the tokyo area. if anyone is interested in purchasing please contact me through the comment section. if there is enough interest, i will try to get it also distributed online. 

as for now, please go to my myspace to hear other tracks and by all means feel free to download the below link. this track is NOT on the CD so feel free to distribute  to others.

for listening check out:                     

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